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The Winwards

The Winwards

Friday, June 11, 2010


Ok, so December 2009 I won 4 park-hopper tickets on the radio (Mix 96.9) to Disneyland!

And I never win ANYTHING! So I ws so excited. Disney was also doing the give a day, get a day promo for Disney tickets. So we set thigns up so that Don & Arcelia and their 2 kids, Emily and Allen could go with us. Only 1 ticket and 1 park hopper upgrade needed to be bought. Great deal if you ask me!

We ended up going the first weekend of June, and we had a blast! The package also included a 2 night stay in a disneyland hotel. We ended up getting upgrading to the Disney Californian Grand Hotel for free due to no space at the other hotels. It was quite nice and close to the park, which made things very convenient.

Below are some of my favorite pictures and some of Tanner's too! W

Mater from the Movie Cars - Tanner loved the character parades! So enthralled by them!

Amazed at the effects and all the bubbles!

Tanner loved this turtle, just kep pointing at it, and saying Oh, ook! (look)

We were able to take Tanner with us on almost every ride. On the rides he couldn't go on we did "child swap" so we didn't have to wait in the long lines twice. It was nice!

Tanner liked the river safari ride, and but he also didn't really know what to think.

Tanner loves his Uncle Don - He was stuck to him like glue most of the time! Thanks to Don, Tanner had a comfortable time.

Here we are just beyond the front entrance to Disneyland. The Mickey face is made up of all flowers. Very cool!

Sitting down for a breather in front of the Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse statue in the square.

Went to see Mickey inside his house in Toon Town. Tanner wanted to see Mickey, but was afraid when he say how big Mickey really was! LOL - too cute!

Tanner really didn't know what to think about Goofy. He probably thought he was just that - Goofy! Ha ha - I know dry sence of humor!

Near the end of the trip, everyone felt that this hat fit me the best. I do love Goofy!

We also went to the beach. It was pretty, but very windy. Tanner HATED the wind! He buried his head on my shoulder most of the time we were there, and screamed if he was put down. I don't know which scared him more, the wind or the waves. It was also quite chilly with the wind, so we didn't stay as long as we wanted too.