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The Winwards

The Winwards

Friday, October 7, 2011

What Tanner says....

Tanner is so funny at times, and has a lot of random thoughts!  Below are a few conversations that have happened recently....

Me - "Tanner, is there a baby inside mommies belly?"
Tanner - "No way!"
Me - "If there is no baby, what is there making mommies belly so round?"
Tanner - "Just lots of food"  And then he giggles....
Sigh..... gotta love him!

As I've been getting all the baby stuff out and ready, Tanner has been really curious about all of it.

Tanner - " Mom, what you doin?"
Me - "'Getting stuff ready for baby Connor"
Tanner "For baby Tanner?"
Me - "No baby Connor"  Tanner, you are a big boy now, not a baby"
Tanner - "No, I baby Tanner"

Recently Tanner has become obsessed with Cookie Monster.... and lately anytime he doesn't want to do something, Cookie monster is doing it instead.

Tanner - "Mom, cookie monser in my bed"  Cookie Monser is outside"  "Cookie monser goin ta eat my dinner"  "Cookie Monser brush teef (teeth)"  
Me - "No, Tanner you are supposed to do it"
Tanner - "I don't tink so!"  Cookie monser do it!"

I don't know where he gets this stuff, but its cute.  It's so hard for me to get after him about it.

I once said that I couldn't wait for Tanner to talk....... and now..... he talks ALL THE TIME!!!

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Shellee said...

I loved when my kids got to this age! They became little sponges and I taught them something new everyday! I love that he has a great imagination, he's a happy guy!