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The Winwards

The Winwards

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Preschool Eval - Frustrated

So..... we had Tanner's preschool evaluation today to see what he qualifies for as far as "extra services". They tried to tell me that he wasn't going to qualify for anything!! I about died! He has orthopedic/gross motor delays like none other!
Then the OT that was there was like "Why doesn't he have arm rests and a tray on his wheelchair?" I had the hardest time not flipping out over that one! We specifically didn't order either of these on his chair because we don't want him in his chair all the time at school! She was saying that these were needed because "how is he going to carry stuff otherwise?" GRRRRR!!! I explained that he had a backpack for the chair that can be added. And for lunch and such.... we will require an aid or helper. She looked at me like I was nuts! Am I wrong to think that?
And then she tells us that he needs wheelchair brake extensions. He can already work the brakes he has now. Yes, he has to bend down to reach them....but he can still do it. At this point I'm just frustrated......not sure what to think or what to do.
I went in expecting the meeting to go smoother or better I guess. It just threw me for a loop how shallow the OT was, especially after telling me that she has a brother that has Spina Bifida. It was maddening! You would think she above all others would understand!

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Paul and Jessie said...

i used to work for the evaluation team up in paradise valley, and this meeting sounds ridiculous!! if there are services that you think he should have that they are not qualifying him for, you should ask if you can have him evaluated in another district. good luck with everything. you know him best, so you should be the one calling the shots.