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The Winwards

The Winwards

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree

 We went to Utah for Christmas this year.  I grew up there, and its always nice to go back. We had a great time there and were able to see most of my family and friends.  It was SO COLD!!   I think the warmest it got was around 15 degrees BRRRRRR!  Or as Tanner would say..... brrr, I code (cold).   But no matter where you are the Christmas Trees are all pretty.

This is what our tree looked like at our house in AZ. We were able to go up near Payson and cut down our own tree this year.  That was an experience in of itself thanks to Ray and his "know it all" attitude!  We hiked down the mountain carrying Tanner and a saw the whole way, found the tree we wanted.  Then Ray wanted to hike back to the car and get the twine which he "forgot" to bring. I want not a happy camper about his because I knew that we probably wouldn't be able to find the same tree again and because it was cold.  Being a good wife I went back with him, ate lunch at the car, and left Tanner with Grandma. We hiked back down and couldn't find the same tree. Thinking to myself "Why am I not surprised".  This is how things work in the Winward family.  Fed up, cold and tired my attitude was swiftly going down the mountain. I told Ray, "Find a tree and cut it down, I'm done."  " I don't care what it looks like".  Well below is the result of that statement. :)

Kind of lopsided and had big blank spots on one side. But it had character, like everything else we entangle ourselves in. :)  Tanner helped decorate it, pointing to where he "wanted" the ornaments to go.  Ray lifted him up and he placed each and every candy cane.  Although they were all grouped together and I really wanted to move them, I left them where Tanner had placed them.

This tree was at my Mom's house in Utah. A fake already lit tree with oodles of decorations and ornaments with a rotating stand.  Tanner was fascinated by it!

True to my Mom and tradition.... Always tons of food to eat.  No wonder I always gain weight over the holidays! 

Tanner learned to say "cook" (cookie) and "cand" (candy) while we were there. :) He also learned to say "santa" and "noman" (snowman)  
He did learn another word much to my dismay.  He was trying to say cracker.... but couldn't quite get it right. Take the "cra" of the front and insert a "fu"  and well.... you get the picture. What am I going to do with my sweet adorable guy.  Guess I'll just have to keep loving him!

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Paul Jessie and the Boys said...

i love that you cut it down yourself. so fun! :) and i like the one you settled with, it looks like a real tree, not a manufactured one. very cute.