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The Winwards

The Winwards

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Phoenix Children's Museum - July

The beginning of July I took Tanner to the Phoenix Children's Museum.  I was a bit disappointed by it because of the fact that because Tanner does stand or walk on his own, he wasn't allowed to do over half the things that they have there.  But we made the best of what he could do and had fun anyway.  My mother in law - Grandma Pat also joined us for the fun. 

 Here are Grandma and Tanner in the "Noodle Forest"

Tanner also had a lot of fun with this sand table.  The table had lights under the plastic making the sand turn different colors. 

He also enjoyed looking at the "Can you find" puzzles. 

His most favorite thing by far was this contraption!  Basically myself or Grandma would put little hankies in the entry port, and air would blow it all the way through and blow it out at Tanner.  He loved it!

He was really good at picking them up for more fun!

So surprised to have them flying right at him!

Anxiously awaiting more!


"Catching" with Grandma

Some even landed on his head. 

Needless to say we still had fun, and he was pooped on the way back home!


Paul and Jessie said...

LOVE the little hankie game. i bet my boys would love that one too. :) too bad he wasn't allowed to do so many other things. did you talk to them about getting your money back? or part of it? that really isn't fair.

Jamie said...

Did they not let you carry him up the climbing contraption? They told me no but I had madi in her up ups and said she couldn't do it alone so they let me. Man was it tiring. I'm glad he got to have some fun though!!