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The Winwards

The Winwards

Monday, August 29, 2011

Utah Trip..... Part 1

Tanner and I took a trip to Utah for 3 weeks. from  July 18th - August 8th.  We had a lot of Adventures. This part is just from July. Tanner has gotten tired of me taking pictures of him, but I got what I could. This first picture is of him and his cousin Steven, playing the piano.  My sister Trina has 4 boys, and Tanner called them "the boys".  

Here Tanner is @ Great Grandma Winward's house "brushing" his hair.  Great Grandma lives in Riverton, Utah. It's great to stop there on the way up to Cache Valley, and stop there on the way back. She is Ray's grandma, and such a sweet lady. 

Tanner also got very attached to the "mini" chair that she had there. Just his size!

Tanner's favorite thing to do while in Utah was play at the parks!  He loved being able to be outside so much! 

This was his favorite parks out of all the ones we went too. 

When he got tired of the park, he loved to "push" the stroller around on the grass. 

But then right back to playing. 

At my mom's house Tanner had a lot of fun!  His most favorite thing was these tuperware animals that he could build and play with.  Here he is with his "zoo". 

Counting how many there are!

Near my mom's house in Logan there is a mini zoo at a park. It's called Willow park, and was always a favorite for me when I was a child, and Tanner likes it too.  We went several times. His favorite animals were the turtles and the monkeys.  I was only able to catch the turtles on this trip.  

And the BEST thing Tanner did while in Utah!  He walked in his walker with my help of course!  I took it with us to see  if he would get more into it, and he totally did!  So glad I took it!  He's getting there slowly but surely!  So proud of him!

Stay tuned for more adventures!

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