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The Winwards

The Winwards

Friday, December 26, 2008

Tanner's first Christmas

Christmas for us this year was way different than the "norm" due to Tanner still being in the NICU. We went & exchanged gifts with family in the morning, and spent the afternoon and early evening with Tanner.

Tanner got his VP shunt put in Yesterday, and the surgery went well. Tanner now cannot lay on his right side for the next 3 days, so he is down to his left side or belly. He can lay on his back for 30 minute intervals every 4 hours now, but that's it until his stiches come out in 2 weeks. It is hard to lay him on his belly due to the position his legs are in, in the casts!

We also found out today that cathing has been started and we will have to learn how to do that as well! Most likely 4 times a day to start. That I have to say, is one of those "presents" that you wish you could exchange but have no way of doing so! I'm actually not as upset about the cathing as I thought I would be, at least not yet. That may change when I actually have to do it myself! Ray is really leary of learning how, but he understands that he has to learn to do it, so he can do it if needed. Like when I am not home and such. We have a meeting with the Urologist tomorrow morning to discuss things.

Tanner got the cutest Christmas outfit, but he can't even wear it! He is still a "diaper baby". So we layed it on top of him and took pictures anyway! It says "Who needs Santa, I've got Grandma"

Days for me are seeming to get better, but I still cry a lot! As the days go on that Tanner is still in the NICU, it gets harder for me to leave him here. I would stay here 24/7 if I could, but I know I have to eat and get some sleep. Why do doctors always say well maybe he can go home this day, or that day? And then that day comes and they say, "Well, looks like he may be able to go home in 48 to 72 hours! UGH! I just want to scream @ them!

Ok, I'm done with my ranting.... at least for now!

Hope everyones Christmas was better than ours was!

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